worth – Is cash that has gone into bitcoin already spent?


As @RedGrittyBrick says, change the phrase “bitcoin” to “euros” and see if that helps you. All currencies work this fashion, not simply cryptos:

Is cash that has gone into euros already spent? Once I purchase a euro from somebody and so they get USD I get euro. They go purchase lambos or actual property for his or her positive factors. So the underlying forex is spent, however euro market cap is elevated. This could imply that euros do not even have any actual cash in them and so they might collapse with out backside principally. Is that this logic appropriate or is actual actually forex as worth behind euros?

And somebody in Europe most likely has the very same query about USD.

All currencies are basically nugatory. Apart from issues like gold, which you should utilize to plate the contacts {of electrical} switches, cash, which might used as paperweights, and paper notes/payments, which can be utilized as rest room paper.

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