What’s the fraction of the Bitcoin mining-power that may be engaged in Egocentric-Mining?


Is there an estimate for the fraction of miners engaged in Egocentric Mining inside the BTC community? In mild of the publication The Influence of Egocentric Mining on Bitcoin Community Efficiency (2021), egocentric miners not solely achieve an additional (unfair) share of the block rewards but additionally improve the possibility of forking the community and implementing double-spending assaults. To perform that, a gaggle of mining swimming pools holding ~25% of the mining energy could be sufficient to assault the community.

I imagine this could get extra consideration from the group because it represents a major lower in threshold-security from the well-known 51% to about ~25% of the mining energy.

Evidently further components might lower the threshold-security even additional: e.g. If the miner engaged in egocentric mining unfold 0-power nodes round, they may use these nodes to speak their selfish-mined blockchain (every time it’s handy for himself) and leverage benefit on community visibility; which means: the selfish-minted blockchain would have extra visibility then a competing & fairly-minted blockchain.

Looking out across the net, I couldn’t discover an estimate for the fraction of the BTC mining energy that may be engaged in egocentric mining.

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