What is the script assembly and execution in P2TR spend (spend from Taproot)


So I have found and fundamentally understand how P2PKH is assembled from inputs and outputs to create a bitcoin forth-like script for execution.

I looked at the SegWit BIP examples section and I found them easy enough to understand as well.

But looking at the Taproot BIP, I’ve likely reached my limit. It’s very well written, but I just can’t get a handle on it.

Can anyone look at my recent testnet P2TR spend (raw-ish JSON) and show me how the witnessData, scriptPubKey, and sigScript data is used to construct a bitcoin forth-like script for execution and validation? I’m only interested in single-sig Taproot. After I grasp that perhaps I can expand to multisig-taproot. I know the python samples are provided in the BIP, but honestly, still just don’t get it.

BTW.. I can provide the testnet privkey if needed, though I might need to rebuild the TXN.

I’ve XPosted on reddit if you lack enough SE-karma to comment.

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