What do the choices in Bitcoin Core’s pockets creation imply?


Disable Personal Keys

the pockets is about in watch-only mode, solely public keys might be imported into pockets.
You should use it, for instance, to trace transactions or generate PSBT transactions to be signed elsewhere.
(if this selection is enabled you do not want Encrypt Pockets, as a result of solely personal keys are encrypted)

Make Clean Pockets

the pockets begins out with nothing in it, however personal keys might be added later to the pockets through import or sethdseed.
(that is wanted in the event you set Disable Personal Keys)

Descriptor Wallet

A descriptor pockets is one which shops output descriptors and makes use of them to create addresses and signal transactions.
Wallets that use descriptors internally should not have any noticeable impact to the person, they need to solely be dealt with when customers need to import their pockets.
(for additional data you may see right here: What are output descriptors?)

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