untagged – The place am i able to flip the distinctive hash results of SHA256 to bitcoin?


i watched on youtube from 3Brown1Blue channel about “how bitcoin works”, it mentioned what makes bitcoin valued is come from the distinctive hash results of SHA256. for instance if somebody put string to an argumen perform SHA256 like SHA256("Hi there World!") and take into account the results of hash 000006d40bf420404a011733cfb7b190d62c65bf0bcda32b57b277d9ad9f146e, there’s 5 zeros at first which we are able to say distinctive end result. Then that is end result make bitcoin beneficial.

Now what if i discovered one other distinctive end result hash of SHA256 with simply SHA256 encryptor on-line manually? How one can add it to blockchain so my identification is accepted by blockchain watcher that i’ve it worth and the way i get the reward from it?

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