Unknown Deal with Format Parsing Bitcoin Addresses from Blockchair Information


Having investigated this following @MCCCS reply, the next is details about the addresses offered by Blockhair assist:

The truth is, there are not any addresses on the Bitcoin blockchain. There are
solely scripts, a few of them are customary and may be transformed to a
Bitcoin tackle, a few of them can’t — like nulldata (OP_RETURN)
outputs, nonstandard, and naked multisig. We use the d- prefix for
nulldata, m- for naked multisig, and s- for all the things else.

That is briefly talked about on this API documentation part:

Due to this fact, these addresses (for need of a greater phrase) are legitimate transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The prefixes used are:

  • d- nulldata
  • m- naked multisig
  • s- all the things else

In conclusion, the knowledge is legitimate however the outputs usually are not addresses within the regular sense of the phrase.

A hyperlink to the problem I raised on the Blockchair GitHub is right here.

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