Unknow DNS Seeder Crawler of Bitcoin


I’ve attempt to take a look at DNS Seeder as beneath:

A vps.instance.com hyperlink to IP:12345678
NS seed.instance hyperlink to vps.instance.com

Loading dnsseed.dat…achieved
Beginning block reader…achieved
Beginning 4 DNS threads for seed.instance on vps.instance.com (port 53)…….achieved
Beginning seeder…achieved
Beginning 96 crawler threads…achieved
[21-04-21 10:34:13] 2/3 out there (3 tried in 651s, 0 new, 0 energetic), 0 banned; 0 DNS requests, 0 db queries

I wait many hour nonetheless no 0 DNS request.

Why i attempted each generic-seeder and bitcoin-seeder.


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