unconfirmed transactions – Robotically ahead bitcoins from deal with A to Handle C At 0 confirmations?


I run a bitcoin full node,at that node i’ve an Handle A.

Assuming that Handle A obtain an Quantity from Handle B.(i can get UTXO data from blockchain.data API)
How can I automaticlly resend the obtained quantity To an Handle C (on 0 confirmations) earlier than its show in my pockets.

In reality i wish to create a uncooked transaction with that UTXO data (txid,vout and quantity) and ship it to Handle C.

That UTXO belong to my non-public key so i can signal it and ship it to the community.

Transaction should be created and ship to the community earlier than block is confirmed, in order that most often the receiving transaction and sending transaction are confirmed in the identical block that’s mined.

That is technically potential, as a result of I’ve seen this many occasions (https://explorer.bitcoin.com/btc/deal with/1Nc4oHe7TeDNjnvGfm7ZB6Pi2YtkST9znn).

However the query is how ?

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