So i found out that my transaction was deemed suspicions for money laundering I guess. lol… of course it wasn’t. I opened an account with bitcoin exchange and when i went to to send to exchange to exchange it for ETH, i guess it logged me out and i did transaction but did not go through. so I noticed I was logged out so I logged back in and tried again and I guess that’s when it was really flagged. how do I get out of the blockchain and back into my wallet. like i said it is confirmed but not spent. They are saying i need to do the same transaction the exact same way and it will add that transaction to the new one. but they would not reply after they sent that message and i think i was logged out on first, but mite of been logged in and then 2nd transaction was logged out. but they wont respond to me and i want to make sure i do the rite way but they are not replying to me at all, matter fact, they have emails saying unable to verify user when send a response in there system. so now what do i do?

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