transactions – I used edge pockets to ship my bitcoin from my pockets to my money app however i used a low payment soo its been unconfirmed for 10 days what am i able to do?


So it seems to be like your transaction doesn’t have RBF (Change-by-Payment) enabled, so you will not have the ability to bump your payment in a substitute transaction.

And there is not any change output, so it appears you despatched all of your cash in a single go, so that you would not have the ability to do a CPFP (Youngster-Pays-for-Mother or father) transaction.

One suggestion is to make use of ViaBTC’s Transaction Accelerator service. You’ll be able to pay them in Bitcoin Money to have them embrace your transaction within the subsequent block they mine. So, you will lose cash nonetheless by paying for the service, however your transaction can be confirmed sooner.

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