transactions – After sweeping an tackle I’ve obtained a tiny quantity on each the tackle I swept and the dest of the sweep


For a while now I’ve had a small quantity sitting in a legacy tackle, and I lastly determined to comb it and ship the quantity much less the payment to a different tackle. I selected a small payment, to not spend extra on the payment than on what was despatched. The transaction obtained caught, hovering round 20mb from the tip, neither getting evicted nor moved ahead. So finally I made a decision to attempt ViaBTC’s free accelerator. That is the one step I took that I’ve by no means finished earlier than, and that is why I point out it. It labored properly, and the subsequent block they obtained included my transaction. Nevertheless, simply half-hour after it had been confirmed, I obtained an excellent smaller quantity (3 digit Satoshi) to each the tackle I swept and the one I despatched to. I haven’t got an issue abandoning a 3 digit Satoshi quantity, however I am puzzled by this. It is by no means occurred to earlier than, and the one factor I did otherwise was utilizing the acceleration service. I’ve a tough time believing that they’d reward me for utilizing a free service, however as I mentioned, that is the one factor I did otherwise. Do they actually reward utilizing the free service, or ought to I believe some type of foul play?

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