tor – How can I exploit Bitcoin Core with the nameless community protocol I2P?


Jon Atack answered this on Twitter. First set up and begin I2P (model 2.35 or above).

$ apt set up i2pd
$ systemctl allow i2pd.service
$ systemctl begin i2pd.service

In your bitcoin.conf file add (I’ll assume you run Bitcoin Core v22+ and need to use each Tor and I2P however take away debug=tor and onlynet=onion if not taken with Tor):


There are 2 config choices for I2P. Solely the second is required to be set for I2P to work.

       If set and -i2psam can be set then incoming I2P connections are
       accepted through the SAM proxy. If this isn't set however -i2psam is ready
       then solely outgoing connections can be made to the I2P community.
       Ignored if -i2psam shouldn't be set. Listening for incoming I2P
       connections is finished via the SAM proxy, not by binding to a
       native deal with and port (default: 1)

       I2P SAM proxy to achieve I2P friends and settle for I2P connections (default:

Then to view your I2P friends:

watch -t ./src/bitcoin-cli -netinfo 4

(For extra info on -netinfo see the assistance documentation utilizing bitcoin-cli -netinfo assist or this StackExchange query)

This was enabled by Vasil Dimov’s Bitcoin Core PR 20685 merged in March 2021 and BIP 155 for addrv2 messages

Historic dialogue of supporting I2P again in 2012 is right here. (Due to Adam Jonas for locating this)

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