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Business Model — Blockchain 3.0 World Computers
As an integrator of the excellence in the era of Blockchain 3.0, GS is dedicated to the implementation of globally decentralized and ownerless technology computer to execute point-to-point contracts. Popularly, GS is a world computer that you can never shut down. An innovative combination of Crypto architecture and Turing-complete creates the most viable tools by utilizing blockchain technology to execute smart contracts, thereby facilitating the emergence of a number of new industries that eliminate the third-party role in censorship, fraud and online collaboration. Compared with ETH, the representative work of blockchain 2.0, GS is equipped with a higher scalability, faster transaction processing speed, more stable and long-term operation of all nodes, stronger security protection, more reasonable transaction’s cost mechanism and with a perfect business model. These innovative and excellent indicators will enable GS to truly operate efficiently in areas such as Decentralized Applications (DAPP), Decentralized Finance (DEFI) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The age of GS has brought us a trusted world computer of the world. With the impact of GS, the commercial civilization has reached to a new standard, and the folks have been capable of sharing common benefits.
Certificate of Interests — GS
Consumption mining of GS is the most significant part around GS Public Chain (Genesis Chain)’s ecology. GS has put the construction of consumption mining ecology in the first place of project expansion since the very beginning. The purpose of the mining model designed in this paper is to enable GS to continuously attract the participation of consuming miners, which is ought to ensure an increase of computing power around the whole network and as well as a promotion of the growth on the whole ecological value.
The early consuming miners can obtain considerable economic benefits by participating in the test network and the consuming mining behavior of the early main network phase. At the end of the testing phase, the early consuming miners are expected to continue participating in mining and serving the community for a long run, and become an ecological node to guide the subsequent consuming miners into. At the same time, GS consuming mining model avoids an excessive concentration of early mining interests to the head miners; that is to say, GS is trying her best to maximize the guarantee of decentralization, and reserves a higher income space for the miners who enter the consumption process later.

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