tender fork – How can I observe the progress of miner signaling for Taproot activation in the course of the Speedy Trial deployment?


Hampus Sjöberg has arrange a web site (https://taproot.watch/) with a graphic for which blocks have signaled for Taproot activation and a breakdown by mining swimming pools. It was introduced right here on Twitter.

AJ Cities said on Mastodon that after signaling begins the Bitcoin Core RPC getblockchaininfo will report the variety of signaling blocks within the present interval.

David Harding added on Mastodon:

If you wish to implement checking your self, you should use
the versionhex in both debug.log or the outcomes of getblock.
Taproot is utilizing bit 2. See the versionbits FAQ for particulars about

pox additionally wrote an awk script that I have not examined.

gawk -F'[= ]' '/UpdateTip/ { print("block="$7" taproot="and($9,2)) }' <~/.bitcoin/debug.log

In case you are during which mining swimming pools have already indicated that they are going to be signaling readiness for Taproot activation see taprootactivation.com.

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