taproot – Will forthcoming Bitcoin privateness enhancement put it on par with different privateness cash?


My crypto holdings are nearly completely Bitcoin. I’ve by no means been a lot of an altcoin man.

After I spend Bitcoin on widespread transactions, paying for servers, domains, and different providers important to my enterprise, I go the BTC by a CoinJoin through the Wasabi pockets. Sort of a ache however I discover the privateness advantages worthwhile.

For bigger transactions that require anonymity, I exploit the highest ranked privateness coin which requires the overhead and expense of a conversion.

It might be fairly candy to eradicate these detours, each Bitcoin mixing and privateness cash, from my routine and simply spend the Bitcoin immediately. With that in thoughts, my query is:

Will the forthcoming main Bitcoin enhancement (TapRoot?) enhance transactional anonymity to the purpose the place it is seamless and on par with the key privateness cash, or is it simply an incremental step that’ll nonetheless require effort on the Bitcoin spender’s half to keep up some degree of privateness?

[Yes, I understand that no transaction is truly anonymous if one is facing off against someone with NSA-level capabilities. I’m not asking if the Bitcoin update will offer true anonymity, but rather if the privacy it will offer will match that of the leading privacy coins, thereby obviating the need for manual mixing and conversions.]

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