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BIP 84 specifies how zpubs work. BIP 32 specifies how derivation paths work.

In accordance with these BIPs, the zpub might be used because the grasp public key, and the CPK (Baby Public Key) perform must be utilized to the zpub to yield the precise public key you need.

BIP 84 specifies that zpubs are used to derive P2WPKH addresses, so the general public key must be transformed to a SegWit tackle (bc1…).

In case you are acquainted with Elixir, you need to use this library, to which I’ve added bip32 help.


zpub = "zpub6nQF4m3JT6hTkQ4o9Vc8LDMQx7nMkT5CsnPgVHnnrpF9JHeP6ioboEK2CXB34Xn6nzqcJnLPuMqQaKqBhwvZR7GJNvSeRUpDpCaVu3N3stz"
|> Bitcoinex.ExtendedKey.derive_public_child(0) 
|> Bitcoinex.ExtendedKey.derive_public_child(2)

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