SPV wallet connecting to personal bitcoin node


I have decided I want to run a bitcoin node both to support the network, learn more about how it works and also so I can participate while minimising trust in external parties. I have a bitcoin code full node connected with the initial block download completed but am trying to figure out how to connect a mobile wallet to it. From my understanding of SPV wallets they should be able to connect directly with a bitcoin code node to request the block headers and transactions through the SPV process, but I don’t see any way of doing this in most mobile wallets. There does, however, seem to be a way to connect to an Electrum server.

My questions, then, are:

  1. How does a mobile SPV wallet actually talk to the bitcoin network, and can I make my mobile SPV wallet talk to my bitcoin code node only?
  2. What does Electrum server do differently than just connecting an SPV node to the bitcoin network or a personal node?

I have tried to do some reading on these subjects but am struggling to really pin down what each is trying to do and as a result how I should attempt to set up my node to achieve full self-reliance. I would rather understand what’s going on rather than have something “just work”.

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