script – How are reserved operations supposed to work?


How are these phrases supposed on getting used sooner or later to carry out some precise operation?

In the event you learn the BIPs, you can find dialogue of proposals for brand new opcodes.

For instance, BIP 341 says

A lot of associated concepts for bettering Bitcoin’s scripting capabilities have been beforehand proposed: Schnorr signatures (BIP340), Merkle branches (“MAST”, BIP114, BIP117), new sighash modes (BIP118), new opcodes like CHECKSIGFROMSTACK, Taproot, Graftroot, G’root, and cross-input aggregation.

(my emphasis)

Utilizing a search engine you could find web-pages discussing these new opcodes.

I am not able to distilling this down right into a complete reply right here, however I consider anybody might discover out all they needed in regards to the potential destiny of presently unused opcodes.

My assumption is that opcodes marked RESERVED or famous as out of date are honest sport for re-use by anybody proposing new opcodes. In spite of everything, the opcode names are simply names for numbers in a particular small vary. We are able to change the title of a numeric opcode. The present names of unused opcodes are mere placeholders or the leftovers from previous adjustments. Clearly, anybody re-purposing an opcode must take note of the impact it could have on any nodes working previous or historical code.

In fact, nobody has a crystal ball for predicting the longer term. Many plans come to nothing.

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