purchase bitcoins – What does “purchase the dip” imply?


I maintain listening to “purchase the dip” continually with Bitcoin folks/feedback.

I get that it implies that you can purchase Bitcoin whereas the value is briefly low, however what do they imply by it? Do they assume that folks have a bunch of cash simply sitting round ready to be spent? If they’ve the power to purchase Bitcoin, they usually have cash, why would they not have already achieved so, and thus haven’t any cash to spare?

Am I simply distinctive in that I haven’t got any large streams of earnings continually flowing into my checking account for me to “purchase the dip”? For me to afford a single small buy on Bisq, I might want about $500, which interprets to a number of full months of me saving all the cash I do not completely want. To purchase just a little BTC as soon as. After which my checking account is drained once more, and I’ve to begin over saving for months to make one other such minor buy.

What do they imply by “shopping for the dip”? Do folks usually have monumental quantities of cash piled up simply “ready for the correct time to speculate”? Are they intentionally performing arrogantly as to fake that they’re tremendous wealthy and assume that everybody else is also? Do they genuinely not perceive that others aren’t as super-rich as they’re? I do not perceive it.

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