personal key – Confirm that WIF corresponds with bip32 prolonged public key


That is for a multi sig 2 of two pockets. One of many keys is bip39 which I’ve the mnemonic seed for, the opposite is the bip38 which I don’t. What do I do with this decrypted personal key with a purpose to validate that I used the proper password throughout decryption?

A pair issues.

Your encrypted bip38 personal key is not going to decrypt with an incorrect password, so you will know you’re utilizing the proper password if the decryption is profitable.

Moreover, for multisig wallets it is vitally necessary that you just save the redeemscript after preliminary creation. In case you did not you’ll be able to re-create it, however you’ll want to know the general public keys that had been used to create the pockets AND the order they had been used within the multisig pockets.

If you’ll be able to decrypt your bip38 key you’ll be able to take the ensuing WIF and calculate the general public key and then you definately recreate the multisig handle and it is redeemscript to see if it matches. If not attempting switching the order of public keys.

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