p2p – Apache Zookeeper for executing a consensus?


I want to know the possibility of using Apache Zookeeper for executing a distributed consensus as an external system and eventually return the consensus result to the demander system. (In order to avoiding implementing and coding for the consensus mechanism.)

More details:

Performing consensus of a p2p network apart from the system in another system (Apache Zookeeper) which runs the consensus by real machines and returns the results.

I have implemented a simulator (in Java) to show the performance of my protocol designed for distributed and peer-to-peer networks, in which transactions are processed via a consensus mechanism.
Since it is a simulator, the nodes/peers are virtual (and not a real machine.)
My question is that is it possible to perform the consensus apart from the application (e.g. in a real distributed network such as Apache Zookeeper) by passing necessary inputs (such as, list of nodes/peers etc.) and after finishing each round of consensus, the result of consensus is returned to the simulator ?

Is this a practical method? If so, there are two main advantages: (1) The evaluation can be more precise, as the consensus has been performed by real machines. And (2) The simulator can get free of implementing several different consensus mechanisms.

P.S. If the question is not yet clear enough, please let me know to modify it.

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