nodes – What are potential results of photo voltaic geomagnetic storm and EMPs on Bitcoin?


Photo voltaic flares have 11-year cycle. The final photo voltaic geomagnetic storm occurred in 1989 with fairly vital impact. If photo voltaic flares occur at a scale bigger than the final one sooner or later, what are the potential impact on bitcoin? I might additionally like to incorporate EMPs (electromagnetic pulse on this query) Energy outage can be anticipated in some space. Will in addition they have an effect on information storage in numerous storage medium (like SSD, HDD ,and so on.)?Is it potential that the impact and scale of photo voltaic flare and EMPs are so sturdy that the information saved offline get destroyed or fully erased? Then bitcoin ledger document may fully vanish? However I suppose since bitcoin ledger document are held in many various computer systems, it’s safer than financial institution which is prone to have vital much less backup copy than bitcoin (perhaps a number of copies in financial institution vs 83000 nodes in bitcoin),proper? However, within the case of large-scale photo voltaic flare and EMPs, how will bitcoin affected?

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