Monster Hunter Rise: Find out how to Elevate HR, Chameleos, Kushala Daora, Teostra Weak point


In Monster Hunter Rise, your value as a hunter is gauged by how excessive your Hunter Rank (or HR) goes. Full sufficient quests of your rank and also you’ll be promoted to the following, unlocking tougher quests to maintain the ball rolling. However as of the primary replace this month, it’s doable to hit a roadblock or “smooth cap” in Monster Hunter Rise, the place merely finishing key quests isn’t fairly sufficient. Right here’s the way to shortly increase your HR and the Chameleos, Kushala Daora, and Teostra weaknesses you’ll must know to progress.

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Find out how to enhance your hunter rank in Monster Hunter Rise

For the primary huge chunk of Monster Hunter Rise, the way you enhance your Hunter Rank differs from the way you’ll do it in a while. Till you attain HR 7, all it’s essential do is evident sufficient Key Quests (as indicated by the Hub and Village counters on the highest proper portion of the display) of the identical Hunter Rank as your self. In doing so, you’ll hit the primary smooth cap, blocking you from growing your rank any additional. To unlock this primary roadblock, all it’s essential do is full the HR 7 Pressing Quest which, as of the primary post-release replace, will bump you to HR 8.

If you happen to’ve already accomplished the ultimate Hub quest of the bottom recreation, you’ll be elevated to HR 8 upon logging in after the replace. That is the place issues change slightly.

Somewhat than be a mad sprint to finish a sure variety of key quests, from HR 8 onward, quests accomplished will award Hunter Rank factors finally degree up your HR over time like a conventional RPG expertise bar. Any hunts accomplished previous to unlocking your HR this fashion gained’t retroactively apply, so even those that accomplished copious quantities of quests earlier than the replace gained’t out of the blue skyrocket to the following cap upon launch.

Find out how to skip to Excessive Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

There’s usually been a problem in Monster Hunter video games the place there’s a little bit of a troublesome disconnect between the one and multiplayer modes. Push by way of single-player and by the point you head into multiplayer, you’ll be pressured to combat dozens of monsters that virtually soften beneath your highly effective weapons. By pushing by way of the ranks of the single-player Village quests, although, you’ll mechanically leap to HR 4, boosting you thru that preliminary slog and straight into Excessive Rank multiplayer quests. That’s a time-saver!

Find out how to shortly increase your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

Best quest to quickly raise HR in MHR

As of the primary main Monster Hunter Rise replace, the HR cap has been lifted from HR 7 all the way in which to HR 20, 30, and 40, with franchise-favorite Elder Dragons Chameleos, Kushala Daora, and Teostra returning to greet you at every main step.

Grinding to HR 20 isn’t too lengthy a course of. Just about any HR 7 quest will bump you up by round two complete HRs every run. The variety of monsters within the quest doesn’t matter, it’s extra a case of the minimal HR requirement of the hunt itself. With that in thoughts, you’re solely six quests away from hitting the primary smooth cap.

If finishing six quests is an excessive amount of for you, you possibly can unlock three new quests from Grasp Utsushi. Although they present up within the HR 7 web page of the Hub menu, every of those quests pits you in opposition to three highly effective monsters at HR 8 problem. Full them and also you’ll go up 4 complete HRs with every clear, turning a six quest grind into three. You may simply full this in an hour or so.

If you happen to’re feeling courageous, one other strategy to go about that is hopping into multiplayer Rampage Quest runs. Although these sometimes take longer than normal quests to finish, they provide round three HR upgrades per run. Be a part of a run halfway by way of and you possibly can climb the ranks fairly shortly certainly. Simply don’t get killed and finish any individual else’s run.

As you attain every HR smooth cap (20, 30, and 40) you’ll must clear a brand new Pressing Quest in opposition to a returning Elder Dragon to proceed the grind. You’ll instantly acquire two HRs after finishing every of those quests, that means that, relying on which quest you select, you solely must clear two or 4 extra quests to unlock the following. The gear made out of every new Elder Dragon consists of expertise that completely counter the following beast you’ll go up in opposition to, although, making repeated runs in opposition to these huge bads possible extra useful than working some other quest proper now.

Find out how to Unlock HR 20: Chameleos Weaknesses, Weak Factors, and Finest Gear

MHR Chameleos strategy
  • Components: None (poison)
  • Weak to: Dragon, Hearth, Thunder
  • Weak factors: Head, abdomen, hind legs

Chameleos guards the way in which to HR 30, pinning you to HR 20 till you defeat it. The way you go about that is totally as much as you; the strategies outlined above don’t actually change. Polish off 4 normal quests or two HR 8 ones when you’re after rushing issues up. If you happen to’ve fought it in a earlier Monster Hunter title, throw away what you recognize. It’s a really totally different combat now; this lizard is offended.

The key to defeating Chameleos lies in negating heavy poison in any which manner you possibly can; Looking/Palico horns, antidotes, antidobra, no matter you will get your arms on. Be taught to learn when it’s about to ship out gaseous clouds and whether or not or not it’ll push them round with its wings and also you’ll solely have its occasional highly effective punches to be careful for.

As problematic as Chameleos’ signature invisibility talent could be, it’s not fairly as efficient as in previous video games. Even its item-stealing tongue has been tweaked, now swiping the Petalace buffs you’ve gathered all through the hunt as an alternative.

Find out how to unlock HR 30: Kushala Daora Weaknesses, Weak Factors, and Finest Gear

MHR Kushala Daora weakness
  • Components: None (wind)
  • Weak to: Thunder, Dragon
  • Weak factors: Head, forelegs, tail

At HR 30, Kushala Daora blocks your HR path. Seize the Pressing Request to place it down. Doing so unlocks the penultimate smooth cap, paving the way in which for HR 40. Nevertheless it’s simpler mentioned than finished.

Kushala Daora instructions the wind. On high of spitting out immense tornados that may shortly render giant elements of the zone unusable, its wind aura will push again melee attackers, making for a very difficult combat.

Fortunately, there are two methods to combat again in opposition to this: The Wind Resistance talent and the Poison standing. The previous negates the push-back of its aura, and the latter outright turns it off whereas . Each boons are simple to return by by way of varied available gear, however these made out of Chameleos include all the pieces you want proper out of the gate.

Find out how to unlock HR 40: Teostra Weaknesses, Weak Factors, and Finest Gear

How to beat Teostra in MHR
  • Components: Hearth, Blast
  • Weak to: Water, Ice
  • Weak factors: Head, wings, tail

Identical to Kushala Daora, this lethal Elder Dragon makes use of an aura of its personal to make attacking it innately difficult. Teostra makes use of each Hearth and Blast parts, masking itself within the former when enraged to slowly roast close by hunters, and counting on the latter to coat the zone with mud clouds that, when it snaps its tooth, explode for heavy space injury.

Although usually opting to combat on the bottom the place it runs rampant, utilizing its sheer weight to knock hunters round, Teostra can use its wings to each take flight — enabling it to make use of a merciless touring flamethrower assault — and even manipulate its explosive mud, pushing, or pulling the particles to make evading the highly effective bang even trickier than earlier than.

In terms of gear, you don’t want something particular to take Teostra on, however heavy Hearth Resistance and something that reinforces your pure restoration may help decrease your reliance on Mega Potions.

If you happen to’re available in the market for some new gear, nonetheless, the very best gear for defeating Teostra comes from Kushala Daora and its Kushala Blessing buff. This set will increase Water and Ice injury dealt, nullifies the injury from Teostra’s Warmth Aura, and even offers you pure well being regeneration that may transcend the same old purple portion of the well being bar, trivializing one of many hardest fights within the recreation to date.

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