mining swimming pools – Stratum: What number of shares ought to I submit per job?


I am implementing a bitcoin CPU miner only for enjoyable in python. I have been studying so much about bitcoin and the protocol swimming pools use for communication and coordinating employees however there’s a key idea I have not explicitly discovered.

The issue (Stratum v1)

Jobs maintain coming to the employee(which I retailer in a FIFO), and offered clean_jobs is ready to false, when ought to I get to the subsequent job? With nonce, extranonce, and model and time rolling looks as if I might by no means want to alter job(even with the quickest of ASICs). Or is it that after I discovered a share for a given job I need to submit that just one share and proceed to the subsequent job?

As soon as a share is discovered for a given job, ought to I maintain mining it? Till when? Or ought to I submit that just one share for that job and proceed to the subsequent job?

I am guessing it’s the latter, because the server can alter the problem to stop me from discovering shares too quick(or too sluggish)

I might admire it in the event you added a supply if doable(so I can study extra and see what else I’ve missed).

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