mining {hardware} – Why does my Antminer S7 energy down proper after startup?


Earlier than asking the query I will higher introduce what I’m doing:


  • Antminer S7 (Purchased from BitMain)
  • BitMain PSU (Purchased from BitMain)
  • 220V & 10-16A & 3*0.75mm^2 Energy Twine for the PSU
  • A DAIYO laptop computer energy protector which helps 10-16A & 250V

Yesterday, I obtained my Antminer S7, so after I had linked the PCI pins I linked the PSU’s energy wire with the laptop computer energy adapter.

The consequence regarded like this:

Then the Antminer powered up with variable fan pace. I linked the community cable and after I was going to my PC to configure the Antminer it simply powered off. I’m not positive which one powered off first, the PSU or the Antminer however they each had turned off.

I ran to unplug the Energy Twine (It was extremely popular), so I assumed that the ability wire might have burned. To check that I linked it to my laptop’s psu and my laptop did not energy up. So I believe that it was burned, however 30min later my father examined it once more and this time my laptop powered up.

  • Are you able to inform me what the issue could possibly be?
  • What made my Antminer to show off routinely?
  • Somebody instructed me I ought to have used a 3*1.5mm^2 Energy Twine, is that the reply?
  • May the Antminer have been broken?

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