mining concept – What precisely determines how lengthy it takes a given miner to mine 1 btc block? (not speaking about hashrate)


Each miner is working a on completely different block. Whereas they share among the identical knowledge, there are a number of components of a block that are utterly as much as the miner to determine, and people variations make the blocks completely different. This additionally signifies that they’ve completely different hashes so each miner is looking out a unique a part of the SHA256d search house.

Though every of the blocks each miner is engaged on will share the identical peak and mother or father block, they’ll have completely different transactions, and will have completely different block model numbers, and timestamps.

However the obvious factor goes to be the transactions, that are hashed into the merkle root. Only one transaction being completely different, or only one transaction in a unique place, goes to trigger the merkle root to alter, which causes the block header to alter, which thus makes the hash completely different. And each miner goes to have not less than their coinbase transaction be completely different from everybody else’s. It is because the coinbase transaction comprises the output that pays the miner, so clearly each miner goes to make their coinbase transaction pay themselves, not another person. From this straightforward reality, the transactions within the blocks that miners are engaged on are going to be completely different in not less than the coinbase.

So as a result of miners are all engaged on completely different blocks, each nonce that they fight goes to end in a block hash that no different miner has seen but. Thus a small miner could possibly be fortunate sufficient that the block they’re attempting has a nonce that makes the hash meet the PoW requirement earlier than a bigger miner finds such a nonce for his or her block.

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