lightning network – What is special about blocks 540574 and 564180?


I am running c-lightning with a pruned bitcoind backend. Every day at around the same time, c-lightning asks for a specific block which is already pruned, which looks like this in the logfile (block 540574 in this case):

2021-07-25T10:06:49.026Z UNUSUAL plugin-bcli: bitcoin-cli -rpcuser=... -rpcpassword=... getblock 00000000000000000010b0d763e1835bdb9921ae4b8adbb6d88d8cfcfbc392aa 0 exited with status 1

According to this comment from Christian, it is save to ignore this warning. But because it appears every second in the logs and it feels spammy, I restart c-lighting and the error is gone until the other block (block 564180) is missing. Then I get the same message in the logs but for block 564180, also at around the same time every day.

I am pretty sure the two blocks have nothing to do with each other and also the blocks are probably specific to a channel (or two) I’ve opened with my node. So my question in the title is maybe a little bit misleading. That it happens with two blocks is probably also just a coincidence. But what my “real” questions are:

  1. Why is the error gone after a restart? Does c-lightning “forget” it wanted to know about that specific block?
  2. Why does the error appear at around the same time every day?

If this isn’t the place to ask this, please tell me! I thought about opening an issue on github. Wasn’t sure about this.

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