As we all know, there are a number of off-chain options referred to as cost channels in Bitcoin. The customers can transfer off-chain their transactions and keep a neighborhood ledger themselves. They solely want to show to the worldwide chain when a dispute occurs or some channel is exhausted. And furthermore, the cost community can set up the cost channels collectively in order that customers with no direct channels may also carry out off-chain cost. The community additionally brings the chance to get well the exhausted channels with off-chain methodology by adjusting the stability among the many channels.
So I’ve the next questions:
(1) Is it doable to maneuver all transactions off-chain? I believe it’s doable for the next causes. Firstly, nobody will cheat from the attitude of recreation principle, so no dispute will occur. Secondly, no channel will exhaust with the off-chain recovering methodology.
(2) If not, what prevents it from happenning?
(3) Whether it is doable, what if all transactions transfer off-chain? I can think about that if no transactions are on the blockchain, the the blockchain will disappear even when it’s nonetheless exists. We now not want to take care of it. Then what it brings to this world?

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