lightning community – Reusing LN invoices or producing them for another person


I’m engaged on an LN App that may be considered related as an deal with e-book, the place folks can save one thing (I am coming to that in a sec) related to their deal with and others can search for an individual in that deal with e-book and ship them sats over Lightning.

Now I’m questioning how one can implement that. In an on-chain App I’d simply retailer BTC addresses and generate QR codes containing these addresses to show to tippers.

On the earth of Lightning although, afaik there isn’t any such factor as a receiving deal with and to obtain, the recipient has to create a contemporary and time-constrained bill each time, is that this right? Or does (as a substitute for invoices) a factor as a ‘receiving deal with’ exist?

I additionally considered having customers generate an bill as soon as and save & show that time and again, however they’re solely usable a single time, right?

So is there at present any strategy to implement what I’m attempting to do or is it inconceivable because of the nature of how LN invoices and transactions work?

I wish to ensure that I understood every part accurately, and in that case my fallback concept could be: If my server receives a tip request, it’s going to notify the receiver e.g. by way of a messenger or so, have them ship again a LN bill after which ahead that to the tipper to pay. This could be my fallback concept in case the receiver mainly has to provoke the method of really being tipped each time.

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