Learn how to decrypt MultiBit non-public key with 128 bytes line and 52 bytes line?


I need to get better my bitcoin non-public key saved by MultiBit. I’ve written down non-public key as textual content whereas utilizing MultiBit traditional. I do not bear in mind how I get the textual content of personal key. The textual content consists of two line. First line has 128 characters and begins with U and comprises +. Second line has 52 characters and begins with q, comprises /.

So far as I do know, the textual content could also be encrypted. And I additionally wrote down password, so I assume I can decrypt the textual content with the password, however I do not understand how.

I’ve tried the instruction of Export and restricted import of personal keys with pasting the textual content to a file and executed the openssl command. Nevertheless, I’ve obtained unhealthy decrypt message and 64 bytes end result file. It would not appear profitable.

I need to the right way to decrypt my non-public key textual content and get legitimate non-public key.

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