json rpc – Public bitcoind rpc server


So i found a mining software which can be easily customizable , but one problem is that it says it need to run beside bitcoind to use the RPC .

I tried to install bitcoin core because it have the bitcoind software , but it takes approximately 2 weeks, two freaking week to download full block chain and prune it to 2 gb size.

So i don’t have the patience to install bitcoind on my own , is there any public bitcoin rpc server which i could just simply connect and get required data for mining from it ?

I know some people would say this means sacrificing security , trusting 3rd party to give me actual block chain and not the fake one , and trusting 3rd party that the reward from mining a block is given to my wallet and not stolen.

But i do this only as experiment purpose and for fun so i dont care. And i won’t open my wallet using public rpc anyway so i don’t mind .

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