json rpc – Litecoin/Bitcoin Node Double Downloading?


I’ve absolutely downloaded a full node of litecoin. I’ve to say that bitcoin and litecoin are nearly similar. Anyhow. I quicky stopped the daemon with litecoin-cli cease after which restartet it with litecoind

Now it appears to double obtain the blocks. Is there anyway so the node doesn’t do this. Im planning to make an internet site utilizing the rpc and stuff. And if after a server crash or comparable it might re-verify or re-download the blocks, that may be annoying.

Heres proof for my factors that its re-downloading:

Thats well past the precise block rely.

Second proof is that when the node was absolutely downloaded i may get details about a txid utilizing litecoin-cli gettxout "cca87a5bb39b2d3aff434c99890102098e526d40f110599087eba962d18d8b20" 1 however this now simply returns nothing/null

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