Is there a straightforward solution to estimate the variety of mining nodes?


I used to be curious in regards to the variety of mining nodes on the community, but I have never seen it mentioned.

I attempted two totally different approaches to approximate the depend of mining nodes. I regarded up the hashrate of the quickest hashing machine (which seems to be the Antminer S19 Professional at 110Th/seconds) and in contrast its projected mining revenue with the entire mining reward.

A profitability calculator estimates that I might earn 0.2911 Bitcoin per yr with the gadget working 24/7/365. Which means that at 6.25 bitcoin per block, I contributed to fixing 0.0465 block in 1 yr. If the community used solely these machines, then I estimate 55,000 blocks / 0.0465 blocks per mining node = 1,182,795 mining nodes. That is the decrease sure, the minimal variety of mining nodes on the system.

Now, my different assumption is that the community problem is equal to the common weighted hashrate of the sum of all mining nodes on the community (timeframe might be smoothed right here). If the present, March 18 2021, community problem is 21.6 Th/seconds, then the identical calculator calculates that my gadget would earn 0.0572 Bitcoin in 1 yr. Utilizing the identical calculation, I get 55,000/(1/(6.25/.0572)) = 6,009,615 mining nodes.

These two numbers are fairly a bit aside. Is there a greater solution to estimate the mining node depend?

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