How do many public keys correspond to 1 personal key?


I’ve learn on-line that {hardware} wallets can generate new public keys to facilitate transactions. Ie if somebody has BTC on an change and so they wish to ship that BTC in several installments to a single personal key/{hardware} pockets, that {hardware} pockets can generate a unique public key for every transaction. I am a bit confused on how this works? Would the ledger not point out that every of these installments now belongs to a unique handle? Or is it merely that every time a brand new public key’s generated, the personal key within the {hardware} pockets has the flexibility to signal for all of these? (Thus making a persistent, rising listing of public keys related to one personal key?).

Moreover, what’s displayed on the ledger if that {hardware} pockets, after a number of installments with totally different public keys, now needs to ship BTC elsewhere? Which of the earlier public keys is used? Does it create a brand new one? Would not this present up on the ledger as a public key sending extra BTC than it ever acquired?

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