How do i properly encode and decode base58 in python?


I was following the tutorial here :

i imported base58 to my python project :

import base58

I tried to convert the private key at the tutorial into the base58 version

privatekey = "a4f228d49910e8ecb53ba6f23f33fbfd2bad442e902ea20b8cf89c473237bf9f"

# expected : C6t2iJ7AXA2X1KQVnqw3r7NKtKaERdLnaGmbDZNqxXjk
privatekey_base58 = base58.b58encode(privatekey)

But it didn’t give me the expected value like in the tutorial , instead it gives me this

How do i properly encode a string to base58 and decode base58 to original string ?

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