How Can I import Multibit Non-public Key into Electrum or


I’m having bother importing a multibit personal key into electrum and

The presence of “” and ‘+’ point out that your secret’s encoded in Base64

It’s seemingly that the wallets you point out want the important thing to be introduced in Pockets Import Format (WIF)

For instance, Importing your personal keys into Electrum says

Electrum helps mini personal keys and full sized keys in Pockets Import Format (WIF).

additionally How you can import keys to Blockchain.information? says

You’ll be able to enter WIF (Pockets Import/Export Format) or compressed personal key.

I’d decode the Base64 into Hexadecimal after which comply with the process described for WIF.

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Ian Coleman’s “Bitcoin Key Compression Software” may be downloaded and run offline and could be helpful. Clearly it’s good to be very cautious selecting and utilizing software program that can be given your personal key.

Is that this the complete key? Or Do I extract segments from the important thing above? What phase?

I believe that appears too lengthy to be a 256-bit quantity. Nevertheless, since I’m not conversant in Multibit I would not know what to anticipate and may’t determine it. After working it by means of Base64 decoding, issues could be clearer to you?

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