How bitcoin miners choose timestamp in block header when mining?


I did a statistic about the difference between the first announcement time in the network and the timestamp in block header for blocks within 2020. Surprisingly, most (93%) differences are less than 100 seconds. One of the possible reasons is my statistic is wrong, but if the result is accurate, I am really curious about the reason behind it.

My original understanding of mining is to pick a timestamp (the timestamp of when miners started mining) and then fix it. After that, the miner chooses different nonces to solve the puzzle. However, this strategy seems can not result in the distribution of differences above. So I am wondering how bitcoin miners choose timestamps when mining in the real world.

One of the strategies that can lead to the distribution above I can imagine is: Miners change the timestamp frequently according to real-time timestamp. But I failed to find any relevant information about this strategy…

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