How are transaction charges computed


The Bitcoin transaction charge will depend on :

  • The dimension of the transaction
  • The present feerate

The transaction charge in $ relies upon as well as on the worth of a bitcoin in greenback.

Merely put, the scale of the transaction principally will depend on the variety of time you acquired bitcoins up to now (if you wish to ship 350$ the transaction dimension might be larger for those who acquired 100 instances 3.5$ than for those who acquired ten instances 35$). That is the variety of inputs of the transaction.

The feerate will depend on the present demand for block area.

The bytes have been 225

The estimated charge charge to your transaction to be included in one of many subsequent ten blocks (1h40) is at present of 0.00002121btc / kilovbyte.

The present value of a bitcoin in {dollars} is about 8800$ / btc.

This transaction would price you about 0.042$ (to be confirmed within the subsequent ten blocks).

>>> 0.00002121 * 225 * 8800 / 1000

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