hash – how do i brute power my pockets.dat to get my personal key


i’m not actually a pc programmer, however i need to get my personal key from my pockets.dat, i’ve simply the pockets.dat file and the general public handle the place the bitcion was ship. From my earlier researches, i used to be informed brute power the pockets is sweet to make use of, like i stated i bought simply the pockets.dat file, however whereas attempting to see on how i might proceed with the brute power course of, it requires a hastcat and a grasp key whereas i’ve simply the .dat file.

my query are

  1. how do i get the hashcat? is there a web site i’ll go and putin some explicit phrase to have the ability to get the hashcat? if sure which phrase?

  2. how do i get the grasp key as effectively since i’ve simply the pockets.dat and the handle during which the bitcoin was ship to

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