Let’s assume that I’ve small crypto alternate website known as “MyExchangeWebsite”.
It really works like this: consumer creates ETH-BTC order, specifies his BTC handle and sends ETH to my ETH handle, I alternate it on Bitfinex and ship ensuing BTC to the desired consumer’s handle. Website may be very easy and does not have accounts (non-custodial mannequin).

By some purpose consumer made a one-character typo in his BTC handle for ETH-BTC order and it is inconceivable now to withdraw BTC, as checksum is bad. Consumer observed that he did not obtain BTC and contacts me to offer proper handle.

  1. Am I proper in my understanding that it is secure to alter consumer’s handle and it is inconceivable to rip-off MyExchangeWebsite by third one that is aware of about typo and consumer’s order particulars?
  2. If it is not one-character, however N-characters typo. At what N it turns into unsafe to alter N characters in consumer’s handle?
  3. What’s the easiest way to ensure that I am involved with the true order creator?