Genshin Impression Vitality Amplifier Occasion Information: Mutation Stone Areas and Coop Particulars


Genshin Impression isn’t with no huge occasion. Whether or not it’s to tide us over till the subsequent huge replace or provide some perception into its ever-expanding lore, there’s at all times one thing to do.

The Vitality Amplifier occasion doesn’t provide a ton of purpose to dive into the story of the sport, however it does carry with it loads of challenges, similar to true RPG team-building and the potential for a foolish quantity of free Primogems. Right here’s the right way to full the Vitality Amplifier occasion in Genshin Impression, from the right way to get a free four-star character and a great deal of free pulls, to the place to seek out all of the Mutation Stones that may make the occasion a lot tougher than it must be.

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What’s Vitality Amplifier? The Genshin Impression 1.5 occasion defined

The Genshin Impression Vitality Amplifier occasion seems extra difficult than it truly is. Taking cues from previous occasions like Unreconciled Stars and Hypostatic Symphony, this one has you acquire Fractured Fruit Fragments and Shards from mob camps buffed by close by Mutation Stones. Every of those Fractured Fruit items then unlock equippable buffs you should use to problem new domains for extra rewards.

As you stack issue multipliers onto the ultimate occasion area — Twisted Realm — to extend the factors you acquire throughout its 4 flooring, higher administration of your obtainable buffs turns into important. Discover the proper loadout on your workforce and also you’ll accumulate sufficient of the occasion foreign money to purchase something from Improve Supplies to Primogems from the occasion store. The occasion begins mechanically with the Mr. Melancholy quest. Simply head into Liyue and discuss to the researcher to kick issues off.

Is the Vitality Amplifier occasion co-op/multiplayer?

With so many shifting components all through this occasion, it’s onerous to inform whether or not it’s constructed with co-op in thoughts. A few of it clearly is: you may have separate Fractured Fruit buff loadouts for single participant and co-op runs, however the remainder is slightly unclear.

Seems, although, nearly each a part of the occasion might be accomplished with buddies. The three domains break up throughout Acts I-III might be accomplished in a gaggle. You simply need to have your buddies be a part of your world beforehand. Then, if you head into the Character Choose display of every area, you’ll be prompted to open it as much as the others in your world.

As for the Mutation Stone camp clears listed under, although you’re free to clear these with whoever occurs to be in your world, it’ll solely clear in your world. They’ll have to return and clear it on their very own world to gather their very own rewards.

Methods to get Diona totally free

Whichever facet of the occasion fence you’re on, there’s one thing to achieve from it: primarily a free Diona so as to add to your character roster. Not like the Lantern Ceremony Competition occasion, which took numerous effort and time to get the free Liyue character alternative out of, this occasion can web you a free Diona in 20 or so minutes proper initially of the occasion. Right here’s the right way to do it.

To get a free Diona through the Vitality Amplifier occasion, it’s important to “invite” her by the Initiation occasion display. Doing so prices 1,000 Fractured Fruit Information, which is the easy occasion foreign money you get for doing nearly any of the occasion duties listed under.

By the point you’ve accomplished the Act I stage (and the quick Area on the finish) you’ll have greater than sufficient of the stuff wanted to ask Diona into your squad. Simply open up the occasion display once more and hit the corresponding button the place it says “Diona” to make the commerce and get a free four-star character earlier than the occasion ends.

Fractured Fruit Fragments: All Mutation Stone places

Genshin Impact Mutation Stone

As your first job through the Vitality Amplifier occasion, you’ll be despatched on a visit round Teyvat to get well Fractured Fruit Fragments from particular locations of curiosity. These crystals — which you’ll depend on to assist clear the dungeons later within the occasion — are all guarded by monsters buffed insurmountably by close by rocks known as Mutation Stones. Try to struggle the camps with out destroying the Mutation Stones, and even a daily hilichurl archer has the potential to one-shot your greatest character.

These locations of curiosity make up three acts, with every act having 9 enemy camps break up between three places to hit up and filter. Open up the Occasion display, faucet into the Act you need to progress by, after which the particular place of curiosity. Lastly, hit Navigate on the primary entry and also you’ll be directed to the opposite two in sequence as you acquire the Fruit Fragment.

Although the camps are pinpointed on the map, the Mutation Stones that buff them usually are not. Under are all of the Mutation Stone places, so that you simply’re by no means compelled to struggle these ferocious monsters at their buffed-up greatest. Sneak up on the stones with out alerting the close by enemies and also you’ll have a a lot faster and simpler time clearing the camps, amassing the Fragmented Fruits, and incomes some free Primogems, occasion foreign money, and different goodies.

Act I: All Mutation Stone Areas

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Act I locations


Excessive Floor

  1. On prime of the cover.

Beneath the Cliffs

  1. Proper by the Fruit Fragment in the midst of the blockade.

Row of Camps

  1. Within the left-most hut.
  2. In the principle central hut.
  3. Within the right-most hut.

Guyun Stone Forest

Ocean Floor

  1. Proper in the midst of the world.

Deserted Ship

  1. On the ships stacked on the stone monument.

Throughout the Tower

  1. On the slender sand path between the 2 islands.
  2. Behind the staircases, instantly beneath the hut.

Lingju Go


  1. Reverse the Destroy Guard and principal crystal, below slightly cover.


  1. Alongside the damaged path. Use the explosive barrel to destroy it immediately.


  1. Behind the 2 Abyss Mages.
  2. Atop the staircase by the Abyss Mages. Use the explosive barrel to destroy it immediately.

Vishap’s Relaxation: Act I Area Finest Characters

This primary run is nothing particular. Regardless of the Electro/Cryo suggestion, neither are literally mandatory. Simply carry a Geo character if doable to make the final struggle slightly simpler.

Hop throughout the waterway, beat up the slimes, snipe the 2 archers both facet of the door and it’ll open up, revealing one other pack of monsters so that you can dispatch. This isn’t too dissimilar to a daily hilichurl camp. Simply take them out, then use the picket boards alongside the wall to climb up and into the realm to the left. Activate the swap and experience the air currents to the ultimate area.

Right here, Geovishaps Hatchlings will problem you to a struggle. Use shields (if obtainable) to knock them over and burst them down. Lastly, a normal Geovishap will come together with a smaller buddy. Not a lot modifications right here, however hold some stamina in reserve to dodge a few of its heavier assaults. Clear the struggle and also you’ll win some free Primogems.

Act 2: All Mutation Stone Areas

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Act II locations

Cuijue Slope


  1. Beside the loot on the camp.


  1. Inside the massive hut.


  1. On the tower.
  2. Inside the principle hut.
  3. By the southwest cliff edge.

Dadaupa Gorge

Guerrilla Assault

  1. On prime of the watchtower.


  1. Inside the principle hut.

Direct Entry

  1. Below the steep central staircase.
  2. Within the small hut beside the staircase.



  1. Within the western boar pen.


  1. In the principle hut.

On the Path

  1. Below the staircase of the principle hut.
  2. Inside the principle hut.

The place Shadows Writhe: Act II Area Finest Characters

This one might be fairly troublesome. It’s a time assault problem with a bunch of various parts in play. To make issues worse, the world in every of the three rooms shall be surrounded by {an electrical} subject that may strike your characters for heavy harm ought to they enterprise out too far. You’ll be able to heal by it with Elemental Bursts from characters like Qiqi, Bennett, and Diona, however you’re higher off discovering a method to make sure the enemies keep inside attain.

The primary room is easy sufficient: Only a few slimes and Hilichurls. But it surely’s the second room, guarded by Fatui enemies like Sharpshooters and Brokers, that may trigger an issue in case you don’t carry the weather wanted to interrupt their highly effective shields.

Electro and Water is really useful for a purpose. Characters like Fischl, Xingqui, and Lisa can work effectively on a price range, however Mona, Tartaglia, and Keqing are the five-star characters you’ll seemingly need to carry in case you have them. Venti (or a weapon like The Viridescent Hunt) will help hold enemies pinned to the center of the world so that you simply don’t need to take care of the outer electrical subject. Simply be sure to carry a ranged character to take care of stragglers or a good healer or shielder to make sure melee brawlers can struggle on the outer fringe of the world with out dying to the lightning.

Act III: All Mutation Stone Areas

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Act III locations



  1. Beneath the larger tent.

Snowy Forest

  1. Below the bigger tent.

Hidden Path

  1. Within the giant tent up the hill.
  2. On the watchtower.

Wuwang Hill

Tidal Flat

  1. Contained in the hut.

Abandoned Temple

  1. Via the crack within the nook of the staircase platform resulting in the bigger home.

The Previous Gate

  1. In the course of the ruins by the fruit fragment.
  2. On the archway entrance of the ruins.

Yaoguang Shoal


  1. On the northern help submit of the platform.

Between the Columns

  1. Behind the japanese torch on the backside of the staircase.

Sharp Shot

  1. On the watchtower in the principle camp.
  2. On the watchtower by the campfire in the midst of the island.

Frost-Worn House: Act III Area Finest Characters

Frostworn Space best characters Genshin Impact

This remaining dungeon is a cinch. It truly is. However it’s important to carry a Pyro person to activate the switches to open the doorways to every chamber. Diluc and Bennett work effectively as a workforce right here, however Hu Tao, Klee, and Yanfei can all work wonders. Simply carry a healer or shielder for help and an Anemo person if you wish to abuse Swirl for heavy harm.

The one actual gimmick is on the very finish of the run. Defeat the monsters in every chamber and also you’ll lastly go up towards a Frostarm Lawachurl who, after shedding round 30% HP, spawns a bunch of Hilichurls to assist and heal him. Beat them up as you usually would (or use Venti or a Viridescent weapon to group them up) and proceed the struggle towards the principle monster as soon as these have fallen. With that, you’ll full Act III.

Twisted Realm: Finest Characters and Methods to Beat Every AreaGenshin Impact Energy Amplification Twisted Realm best characters

When you’re carried out amassing all of the buffs you assume you would possibly want, it’s time to move to the Twisted Realm – the true problem of the Vitality Amplification occasion. The 4 challenges listed below are much like the domains unlocked because the occasion went on. Solely this time, you may apply issue modifiers to multiply the factors gained on the finish, accumulating extra occasion foreign money as you go. These might be powerful, however by selecting the modifiers which have little to no impact in your chosen social gathering composition after which offsetting any with Vitality Amplifier buffs will help you reap the rewards with out dramatically growing the problem – and acquire round 240 Primogems only for attempting.

Area of Deceit

  • Really useful Components: Geo
  • Finest Characters: Zhongli, Albedo, Geo Traveler

The primary problem of the Twisted Realm pits you towards six members of the Geovishap species throughout three waves; two hatchlings, one hatchling and an grownup, then a remaining wave of two grownup Geovishaps. These might be simply as painful as they’re within the overworld, however by bringing one or two Geo characters, you may have shields carry you thru a lot of the problem.

Holding some stamina in reserve is nice observe towards Geovishaps no matter context, however it’s much more necessary right here — defeated enemies finally explode for space harm, and fissures will repeatedly spawn beneath you, making evasion an actual luxurious.

Watch their assaults and time Geo shields to knock them down. Immobilizing them in any method actually makes issues simpler, so in case you don’t have entry to Zhongli and his Petify means, bringing alongside a Hydro and Cryo character for Freeze will go a great distance in minimizing the dance you should do to outlive these fast attackers.

Area of Livid Thunder

  • Really useful Components: Cryo, Hydro
  • Finest Characters: Barbara, Mona, Qiqi

This one reintroduces the pesky Electro subject that pins you to the center of the world. The primary two waves shouldn’t pose an excessive amount of of an issue as long as you retain sufficient vitality to dodge the axes and arrows coming in from all instructions, however the remaining will most likely require a healer or shielder.

The ring shrinks a lot within the remaining wave that coping with the 2 ranged Pyroslinger Bracers might be tough with out heading into the thunder, so it’s necessary to have the ability to take the terrain hits with out wiping your workforce on the end line.

It’s completely doable to finish this with none of the really useful characters or parts by establishing a workforce that may nearly ignore the terrain problem, however as you ramp up the issue, the necessity for these will develop into extra obvious.

Area of Chaos

Domain of Chaos Genshin Impact
  • Really useful Components: Hydro, Cryo
  • Finest Characters: Any bow person, any Geo person

The Area of Chaos throws 5 Destroy constructs at you in waves of two, one, two; Destroy Guards first, then a Destroy Hunter, and two Destroy Graders on the finish. The obvious gimmick of that is the massive Chaos Cluster orbs slowly approaching you periodically through the struggle. They’re purported to deal “immense” harm in the event that they hit you, however by bringing a workforce that’s in a position to cycle between Elemental Bursts, you should use the invulnerability durations to negate nearly any main spikes of harm. Deliver a personality like Bennett to arrange a therapeutic subject, and try to be all set to remain on the offensive, solely often dodging to both facet to keep away from some stomps and slaps. Geo shields will help and bow customers can immobilize the trickier Destroy Hunter, however with sufficient foresight and consciousness, nothing right here ought to actually pose a lot of a menace.

Area of Heresy

  • Really useful Components: Cryo
  • Finest Characters: Venti (or Viridscent weapon), Diluc, Ganyu

This remaining area accommodates a single Abyss Herald – Depraved Torrents and a bunch of monsters that, if left alone, will heal the Herald quickly. These blighters will respawn periodically as long as the Herald doesn’t lose sufficient HP to knock him into his Darkish Descent state, however the fewer monsters left, the much less he’ll be healed.

With all this in thoughts, there are two approaches you may take: Utilizing a personality like Venti or a Viridescent weapon to assemble all of the monsters up and use a robust Elemental Burst (like Diluc’s) to dispatch them in a single go, or selecting them off individually within the hopes of outpacing the diminished therapeutic with your individual heavy assaults.

As soon as it enters Darkish Descent, Abyss Herald – Depraved Torrents fights like Childe or a Fatui Agent, solely with heavy Hydro-based assaults. Cryo can simply abuse its protect, however a workforce of Electro and Pyro characters also can deal sufficient uncooked harm with their fixed elemental reactions to take care of this beast even by its sturdy shell.

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