Future 2 Season of the Chosen: All Seasonal and Weekly Challenges


Future 2‘s Season of the Chosen adjustments how seasonal challenges and weekly bounties work, which ought to make it simpler for gamers to really full all the pieces. As an alternative of monitoring down weekly bounties, gamers will now get between three and 10 weekly challenges each Tuesday for the primary 10 weeks of the season. Now that the tenth week is right here, the entire Future 2 Season of the Chosen challenges can be found, permitting you to lastly full the seasonal problem.

Listed here are all of the seasonal and weekly challenges for Season of the Chosen.

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How challenges work in Season of the Chosen

Bungie has overhauled the weekly challenges in Season of the Chosen. Weekly bounties are actually weekly challenges, and also you’ll have entry to them during the season. Should you miss a few challenges, or in the event you take a while off, you may nonetheless full them earlier than Season of the Chosen ends on Could 11.

There are 77 whole weekly challenges for Season of the Chosen, tasking you with gathering Cabal Gold for the Hammer of Proving, calibrating elemental weapons on sure planets, and rather more. Each problem awards XP, at the very least, although others could embody emblems, weapons, and/or Shiny Mud. A couple of choose challenges award Struggle Desk repute, permitting you to improve the Hammer of Proving on the HELM.

You don’t must do something to begin the weekly challenges. Contained in the Quests panel in your Director, you’ll see the weekly challenges listed along with your progress. Merely full the problem, declare it within the Quests panel, and the rewards are yours. You don’t want the season cross to entry weekly challenges, although some require you to finish actions solely out there to season cross holders.

Some challenges persist between weeks, too. For instance, week one has the Golden Reaper problem, the place it is advisable collect 100 Cabal Gold. Week two has the identical problem, nevertheless it requires 200 Cabal Gold. Your progress in all these challenges carries over between weeks.

Along with the rewards and Struggle Desk repute, finishing 75 weekly challenges will spherical out the Grasp of All seasonal problem. That is the one seasonal problem on the time of writing, and it merely requires you to finish the entire weekly challenges. To your effort, you’ll be rewarded with a big pile of Shiny Mud.

Season of the Chosen: Weekly challenges

Beneath, we’ve listed the challenges for every week of Season of the Chosen, together with a couple of suggestions for finishing them. If it is advisable leap to a particular week, use the hyperlinks beneath.

Week one

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent
  • Full Challenger’s Proving quest
  • Defeat 75 Cabal enemies with rocket launchers
  • Code Duello
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Crash and Converge
  • Smash 5 Tribute Chests
  • Focus 5 Season of the Chosen engrams
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Lenses in Focus
  • Play the Battlegrounds playlist to unlock your first lens
Challenger’s Aspiration
  • Full three weekly challenges
  • Full bounties, patrols, public occasions, and/or misplaced sectors on Europa
Hail of Bullets
  • Calibrate kinetic weapons on Europa (misplaced sectors award bonus progress)
Dredgin’ Up Victory
  • Full Gambit matches (wins award bonus progress)
Flourish of Energy
  • Defeat 50 Guardians within the Mayhem playlist
Dominance Operandi: Fallen
  • Defeat Fallen in strikes (harder enemies award bonus progress)

Week one may be very simple. After you full Challenger’s Proving, we suggest heading to the Battlegrounds playlist first. That may routinely full Lenses in Focus and offer you a head begin on defeating 75 Cabal enemies. Then, cycle by way of Gambit, Crucible, and strikes to collect your Cabal Gold and end off the underside three challenges.

By then, it’s best to have a couple of Hammer Fees (ensure that to place an emblem within the Hammer of Proving between every Battlegrounds match), permitting you to finish Crash and Converge. Then, it’s only a matter of cleansing up some enemies on Europa for Icebound and Challenger’s Aspiration. Week one is straightforward, so that you shouldn’t have any issues finishing all 10 challenges.

Week two

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent II
  • Full Challenger’s Proving II
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Crash and Converge
  • Smash 10 Tribute Chests
  • Focus 10 Season of the Chosen engrams
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
The Greater They Are
  • Defeat 60 Cabal elites or bosses
Trials of the Tinker
Chosen Cosmonaut
  • Full bounties, patrols, public occasions, and/or misplaced sectors within the Cosmodrome
Expose to the Parts
  • Calibrate elemental weapons within the Cosmodrome
Drifter’s Chosen
  • Earn 250 factors in Gambit by banking motes, killing blockers, and defeating invaders
 Entertain Lord Shaxx
  • Full matches within the Showdown playlist (wins award bonus progress)
Dominance Operandi: Cabal
  • Defeat 5 Cabal bosses in strikes

Week two continues the sample established in week one. The primary three challenges are continuations of challenges from week one, and your progress carries over. Battlegrounds continues to be an awesome place to begin, permitting you to deal with The Greater They Are and Crash and Converge. From there, cycle by way of Gambit, Crucible, and strikes to finish the underside three challenges and rack up some Cabal Gold.

Earlier than doing any of that, although, head to the HELM to choose up Challenger’s Proving II. Similar to the week one quest, this one is brief and simple, and it’ll offer you an honest begin on the opposite weekly challenges.

Week three

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent III
  • Full Challenger’s Proving III
  • XP
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • XP
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Crash and Converge
  • Smash 15 Tribute Chests
  • Focus 15 Season of the Chosen engrams
  • XP
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Captain’s Log
  • Discover all 5 clues within the Presage quest
Failsafe Ahead
  • Full bounties, patrols, public occasions, and/or misplaced sectors on Nessus
Challenger’s Apogee
Algorithmic Precision
  • Calibrate weapons with precision last blows on Nessus
Primeval Entourage
  • Defeat Taken in Gambit (powerful enemies award bonus progress)
Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Full Iron Banner matches (wins award bonus progress)
 Problem Our Foes
  • Full 5 playlist strikes

Week three is all about Nessus, echoing challenges from the primary two weeks in a distinct location. Golden Reaper, Contender’s Ascent, and Crash and Converge present up once more, so ensure that to go to the HELM and full the search earlier than grinding the Battlegrounds playlist. In any other case, play PvE on Nessus and take part in playlist actions, and also you shouldn’t have too many issues.

The oddball is Captain’s Log. This problem references the Presage Unique quest that awards the Lifeless Man’s Story Unique scout rifle. After taking part in by way of, return to the search and hunt for 5 logs to finish this problem.

Week 4

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent IV
  • Full Challenger’s Proving IV
  • Defeat 50 Cabal with sniper rifles
  • XP
  • Far Future sniper rifle
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • XP
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Intruder Alert
  • Maintain Ghost from being interrupted in Battlegrounds missions, twice
Explosive Entrance
  • Defeat 10 Champions in Battlegrounds
  • Get 45 grenade last blows in Battlegrounds
  • XP
  • Struggle Desk repute (medium)
Contender’s Delve
  • Full a Misplaced Sector on Legend or increased
Challenger’s Cipher
  • Decrypt 5 Prime Engrams
Sling the Stone…
  • Stagger, pierce, or disrupt 30 Champions
Excessive-Worth Hunter
  • Defeat 75 energy combatants in Gambit (high-value targets award bonus progress)
Cadre of Contenders
  • Full 15 Crucible matches within the Aggressive playlist
 Vanguard Chosen
  • Full three Dusk: The Ordeal strikes on Hero or increased

Week 4 marks an uptick in issue throughout the board, with tougher strike, Gambit, and Crucible challenges. As with earlier weeks, begin this one by heading to the HELM to choose up Challenger’s Proving IV and full it. This time, you get extra lore, Struggle Desk repute, and XP, but in addition the Far Future sniper rifle from Season of the Chosen.

There aren’t any planet-specific challenges this week, so we suggest bouncing forwards and backwards between Battlegrounds, strikes, Gambit, and Crucible. So long as you’re targeted on Vanguard Chosen, Cadre of Contenders, Excessive-Worth Hunter, and Explosive Entrance, it’s best to naturally decide up the opposite challenges with out too many issues. Golden Reaper reveals up once more this week, too, constructing on the Cabal Gold you’ve earned in earlier weeks.

Week 5

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent V
  • Full Challenger’s Proving V
  • XP
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (massive)
Golden Reaper
  • XP
  • Struggle Desk repute (massive)
Graven Scrawl
  • Examine the three notes left within the captain’s log
Lenses in Focus
  • Unlock 5 lenses for the Prismatic Recaster
Apex Armorer
  • Masterwork a chunk of armor
Salvager’s Salvo Armament
  • Purchase the Seasonal Ritual grenade launcher
In It for Infamy
  • Earn 5 Infamy ranks in Gambit
Final Champion
  • Defeat Champions in Dusk: The Ordeal strikes (increased difficulties award bonus progress)

Week 5 brings lots of adjustments. New variations of Contender’s Ascent and Golden Reaper can be found, so ensure that to go to the HELM earlier than doing anything. In any other case, the challenges are specialised. Graven Scrawl references the Captain’s Log problem from week three, tasking you with discovering all of the clues on this season’s Presage Unique quest. Apex Armorer and Lenses in Focus are simple, however ensure that to take a look at our information on Future 2 Masterwork gear in the event you’re having issues with the previous.

Salvager’s Salvo Armament duties you with unlocking the Salvager’s Salvo grenade launcher, this season’s Ritual weapon. Be sure to learn our Salvager’s Salvo information to unlock it, because it’s a particularly highly effective grenade launcher and can web you 4x XP. In It for Infamy and Final Champion simply require time, however you’ll earn Cabal Gold and progress towards Golden Reaper. You must do some extra legwork in week 5, however you’ll earn extra XP and Struggle Desk repute in comparison with earlier weeks.

Week six

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent VI
  • Full Challenger’s Proving VI
  • Defeat 60 Cabal with a bow
  • XP
  • Imperial Needle
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (massive)
Small-Caliber Contender
  • Defeat combatants with a submachine gun (Battlegrounds mission award bonus progress)
Dusk Selection Assault
  • Defeat 80 combatants with sniper rifles, submachine weapons, rocket launchers, and/or bows in Dusk: The Ordeal
Cabal Contenders
  • Defeat 65 Elite or Boss Cabal in Battlegrounds missions
  • XP
  • Struggle desk repute (massive)
As soon as Chosen, Now Fallen
  • Calibrate weapons in opposition to Fallen (precision last blows award bonus progress)
Kill Them With Model
  • Purchase the Pyretic decoration for the Salvager’s Salvo
Conquest of the Mighty
  • Full any Dusk: The Ordeal strike on Grandmaster issue

Week six slims down the checklist of challenges much more, specializing in tougher duties with increased rewards. As with earlier weeks, head to the HELM and decide up Challenger’s Proving VI. Additionally, ensure that to equip a bow to begin working in your 60 kills. Contender’s Ascent VI is essentially the most rewarding problem of week six, providing you with the Imperial Needle bow, some XP, extra lore, and a big increase to your Struggle Desk repute.

Small-Caliber Contender, Dusk Selection Assault, Cabal Contenders, and As soon as Chosen, Now Fallen simply take time. Grind Battlegrounds missions for Small-Caliber Contender and Cabal Contenders whereas protecting your loadout in thoughts. You may group As soon as Fallen, Now Chosen and Dusk Selection Assault collectively by working Fallen strikes too. That features The Arms Vendor, Lake of Shadows, Exodus Crash, Broodhold, and all of the Past Mild strikes.

Kill Them with Model builds on the Salvager’s Salvo grenade launcher you (hopefully) picked up final week. You may decide up the Pyretic decoration by finishing the Crucible Salvager quest from Lord Shaxx. To earn it, you’ll want 30 grenade launcher kills and 6 Valor ranks in Crucible. Multikills award bonus progress, so ensure that to brush up in your Crucible expertise.

Week seven

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Contender’s Ascent VII
  • Full Challenger’s Proving VII
  • Defeat 100 Cabal with a submachine gun
  • XP
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • Empress
  • Struggle Desk repute (massive)
Proving Grounds Trifecta
  • Full the Proving Grounds 3 times
  • Defeat 150 combatants within the Proving Grounds strike
  • Deposit two Energy Cores within the Proving Grounds strike
  • Double XP
  • Struggle Desk repute (massive)
Diplomacy or Loss of life
  • Pay attention to 5 intercepted radio transmissions on the HELM
One In opposition to Many
  • Calibrate weapons by quickly defeating three or extra enemies
Gambit Salvager’s Salvo
  • Purchase the Toxicology decoration for the Salvager’s Salvo
Past Legendary

Week seven has solely six new challenges, however a few of them would possibly take you the entire week. To start out, go to the HELM to choose up Challenger’s Proving VII. Equip a submachine gun to finish it, however earlier than you head out, test for intercepted radio transmissions on the HELM. The place to test for them is by the Prismatic Recaster. You must get new transmissions as you full the Challenger’s Proving questline, so ensure that to return again to complete Diplomacy or Loss of life.

Proving Grounds Trifecta is simple, tasking you with working the brand new Proving Grounds strike a couple of occasions. One In opposition to Many is straightforward too. Should you’re struggling to make progress, equip a rocket launcher or grenade launcher and grind the Battlegrounds playlist.

Gambit Salvager’s Salvo mirrors Kill Them With Model from final week, simply with the Gambit decoration. After choosing up the Salvager’s Salvo, discuss to The Drifter within the Tower to choose up the Gambit Salvager quest. It duties you with banking motes and dealing grenade-launcher last blows in Gambit. After you meet the necessities, you may decide up the Toxicology decoration. Aside from that, play Crucible to stage up for Past Legendary, and you’ll name this week finished.

Week eight

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Dusk Proving Grounds
  • Full the Dusk: The Ordeal model of the Proving Grounds strike 3 times
  • Defeat 50 enemies with a sidearm or linear fusion rifle within the Dusk: The Ordeal model of the Proving Grounds strike
Legendary Misplaced Sector Selection Assault
  • Defeat 300 enemies in Legendary Misplaced Sectors utilizing sniper rifles, submachine weapons, rocket launchers, or bows
Lenses in Focus
  • Unlock 10 lenses on the Prismatic Recaster
Clearing the Inside Circle
  • Defeat 40 Primeval Envoys in Gambit
Trial by Firing Squad
  • Win seven rounds of Trials of Osiris
  • 4x XP
  • Shiny Mud
  • Trials of Osiris weapon
Decisive Strike
  • Purchase the Panacea decoration for the Salvager’s Salvo grenade launcher

Week eight brings six new challenges, however they’re a little bit completely different in comparison with earlier weeks. There isn’t a brand new step in Challenger’s Proving, and not one of the weekly challenges award Struggle Desk repute. This week, begin by heading to the Tower and chatting with Commander Zavala for the Strike Salvager quest. You’ll want to finish this quest for Decisive Strike, which duties you with finishing Dusk: The Ordeal strikes and defeating enemies in them with a grenade launcher.

After getting Strike Salvager energetic, get began on Dusk Proving Grounds. It should take some time, however at the very least you may work towards Decisive Strike on the similar time. After that, work on Lenses in Focus and Legendary Misplaced Sector Selection Assault. The Misplaced Sector problem simply requires a little bit little bit of time, and you’ll full Lenses in Focus simply after visiting the Prismatic Recaster on the HELM.

Then, there’s Clearing the Inside Circle and Trial by Firing Squad. Be sure to learn our Trials of Osiris information for Trial by Firing Squad, and anticipate a problem. You’ll need to be at or above the delicate cap with loads of Exotics and Legendary gear geared up. For Clearing the Inside Circle, it is advisable defeat 40 Primeval Envoys. Most often, you’ll solely kill two every spherical of Gambit. If you wish to pace up the method a bit, get a gaggle of associates collectively and give attention to the Primeval Envoys over the Primeval. You’ll most likely lose the sport of Gambit, however you may full the problem quicker.

Week 9

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
Convex Convergence
  • Focus tier three Umbral Engrams
Suited to Fight
  • Defeat 400 combatants with a full armor set (Guardian kills award bonus progress)
Dire Portents
  • Full the Presage Unique quest 3 times on regular or grasp issue
…And Fell the Large
  • Stagger, pierce, or disrupt 50 Champions
Feels Good to be Unhealthy
  • Defeat Guardians in Gambit (kills whereas invading award bonus progress)

Because the season begins to wind down, so do the weekly challenges. Week 9 is a mishmash of duties that aren’t tied to any particular sport mode. You may focus the Umbral Engrams for Convex Convergence on the HELM. For Dire Portents, run the Presage quest 3 times (we now have a step-by-step Presage information if it’s your first time working it). Suited to Fight is straightforward sufficient with a full armor set, however think about racking up kills in Gambit. That manner, you can also make some progress on Feels Good to be Unhealthy on the similar time.

For …And Fell the Large, it is advisable equip the proper mods. Champions include an Overload, Unstoppable, or Barrier tag noting which kind of mod it is advisable use. The mods you want match the kind of Champion you’re dealing with — Overload Rounds for Overload Champions, for instance. Listen, swap your gear usually, and you’ll full this problem with out too many issues.

Week ten

Weekly problem Necessities Rewards
…The Tougher They Fall
  • Defeat Elite or Boss Cabal within the Proving Grounds strike
Explosive Conclusions
  • Use rocket launchers and grenades to defeat enemies (speedy kills and Cabal kills award bonus progress)
Lenses in Focus
In Your Component
  • Defeat Guardians in Iron Banner with elemental takedowns (Stasis takedowns award bonus progress)
Warrior From Past
  • Defeat enemies in strikes with elemental blows (Stasis talents award bonus progress)

The ultimate week of challenges is simple, although it’ll take you a while to complete all the pieces. Lenses in Focus is the one oddball. Should you haven’t already, head to the HELM to uncover extra lenses on the Prismatic Recaster. In any other case, it’s only a matter of raking up kills.

You may mix …The Tougher They Fall, Warrior From Past, Explosive Conclusions simply. Run the Proving Grounds strike with Stasis talents and a rocket launcher geared up. You’ll earn bonus progress for Explosive Conclusions with the Cabal within the strike, all whereas constructing towards the opposite two challenges.

In Your Component sends you to compete within the Iron Banner. Briefly, Iron Banner is Crucible with all of the steadiness adjustments turned off. Along with being Crucible participant, it’s vital to be on the arduous stage cap with the most effective gear you have got. This problem will simply take you the longest, however you may reduce down on the time in the event you’re PvP participant.

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