Electrum concern restoring by way of seeds


on a separate native machine I restore the pockets with the seed … No funds accessible.


The latter says:

After restoring your pockets, Electrum could listing earlier transactions as “unverified.” This situation will persist till all Electrum finishes synchronization with its server. You’ll be able to monitor progress from the Community window. Entry it by clicking on the circle to the decrease proper of the primary window. When the block depend below “Blockchain” equals the peak indicated for the servers you’re connecting to, Electrum will probably be absolutely synchronized and all confirmed transactions must be displayed correctly below the Historical past tab.

Tried seed on Exodus, says ‘Invalid Key’

Electrum has it is personal techniques for producing private-keys from seed phrases. It doesn’t usually use the BIP-39 commonplace which is often utilized by different wallets.

Exodus’ documentation does not point out importing Electrum seed-phrases as far as I can see.

In Can I import a private-key they are saying

IMPORTANT NOTE: This doesn’t truly “import” the non-public key. It simply strikes the funds from the tackle into Exodus and this switch has transactions charges. It’s because Exodus makes use of one 12-word restore phrase to revive all funds. So, to have the ability to restore funds from the 12-word phrase, Exodus should do that switch.

To me, evidently utilizing Exodus is a poor option to examine the stability of an Electrum pockets.

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