electrum – Can’t Access funds due to derivation path


I created a seed phrase and public key via the following Node.js code:

const mnemonic =  bip39.generateMnemonic()
const seed = await bip39.mnemonicToSeed(mnemonic)
const node = bip32.fromSeed(seed)
const xPubString = node.neutered().toBase58()

Then I used BTCPay Server to generate an address for this public key and sent funds to that address. The transaction is confirmed on the chain and shows up in BTCPay Server. However, I’m trying to load this wallet via seed phrase into either Electrum or Wasabi wallets to be able to spend the funds. I can’t get the funds to show up in either application. I believe this has to be a problem with using the correct Derivation Path because I’m not sure what the above code defaults to. I can confirm that the address starts with bc1, so I think that tells me that the Derivation Path should be m/84'/0'/0', but it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried just about every combination of Derivation Path I can think of to try to get the funds but nothing seems to show up. Any recommendations?

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