eclair – When can we moderately count on a secure/production-ready Lightning Community?


I actually need to use Lightning Community, however due to this, I can’t achieve this:

nonetheless a piece in progress. Count on issues to interrupt/change!
beta-quality software program and do not put an excessive amount of cash in it

There’s merely no method that I may presumably use it on this early stage, however why does it by no means appear to get even a secure “v1.0” launch?

I maintain seeing Bitcoin folks continually and aggressively selling Lightning. On a regular basis. To the purpose the place my ears are almost bleeding. I am theoretically “gained over”, however when I attempt to use it, with the one consumer that appears to even help Home windows (and is not coded in a Google-infested programming language), I am stopped by such scary warning messages.

I am not risking my satoshis with scary beta-grade software program. And neither must you or anybody.

How far-off is a secure and production-ready Lightning Community? Are we speaking weeks? Months? Years nonetheless? It seems like I first heard of this factor a few years in the past, nevertheless it appears to by no means transfer right into a “prepared” state.

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