Do Binance and Binance US use the same exchange?


I’m trying to determine whether the historical data I have for Binance (to the extent it’s reliable at all) will be reliable for Binance US, and that liquidity, order books, etc. will be the same between the two.

Maybe a better way to ask the question – if someone places a limit order on Binance, could another user accept the order through Binance US and vice versa?

I think the answer is yes because API url here: Binance US documentation is the same as the url here: Binance documentation.

In both cases, the url is It would be pretty shocking if orders are routed differently through the same url, but just wanted to check before I put money down.

As a bonus question, what would happen if a US citizen uses the main Binance platform? I have an account on the main Binance platform, but I’ve always used Kraken. I’m going to take a stab at automated trading and Binance’s lower fees make it the obvious choice among reputable exchanges (other suggestions for exchanges are also welcome), but I’d like to also be able to use a small amount of margin, which is apparently not available through Binance US.

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