currencies – Can I receive different cryptocurrencies on the same public key?


The main question I have is:

Can I receive different cryptocurrencies on a same public key?

For example: I instruct the person A to send me BTC on a public key X. I also instruct the person B to send me XRP (or any other crypto) on the same public key X.

  • If not – can you briefly explain why not, i.e. what prevents it? I’ve read on few places that this is impossible (not sure if true), but I don’t really understand why (if true). What prevents me from doing it? Aren’t the block-chains isolated from one another? Also, as far as I know, most (if not all) cryptocurrencies use the same public-private key logic under the hood.
  • If yes – are there any specific cons apart from obvious (one basket for all)?

Note: This question does not imply the use of online wallets that may have their own logic of aggregating multiple keys under the same online wallet.

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