currencies – A solution for exchanging BTC by other cryptos with 0% commission


The other day I had an idea to reduce commissions when trading cryptos:
We all know that exchanges charge fees for exchanging cryptos from one type to another, and that they usually have a minimum withdrawal. If you make transactions and conversions with large amounts of money, the commissions are reduced and can be profitable, but when you want to change a small amount of one crypto to another (example: 1$BTC to 1$BNB) the minimum withdrawal and commissions do not let you do it, basically because the commission is higher than what you are going to change.
Thinking about this dilemma, I came up with an idea that requires the help of everyone, make a community that has the purpose of exchanging cryptocurrencies, for example a person exchanges 1$ of btc to another person for 1$ of bnb.
I have developed a community in discord that has integrated bots that allow to make these crypto exchanges between users to facilitate the exchange process and without charging commission.

The link to discord is

I would appreciate it if you could send me your feedback and I would like to add you to discord to make the community bigger.
Thank you

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