cryptography – My seed phrase was compromised


So i have tokens in Trust wallet but someone has the seed phrase and is stealing it all…adding BNB, withdrawing, and systematically took everything but ETH (ERC20) because the fuel is too muc or it would be all gone instead of 20% gone. I’m so upset/

I really want this person caught but i’d be happy if I could get it recovered.Trust wallet is of no help, i can’t even reach a person. WHAT DO I DO? can i deactivate or stop it…i have this guy’s address.and cops can use it…anyone know/try this?

i’m fighting this guy who has a bot that removes all bnb loaded into it…which prevents me from removing anything….he’s holding it ransom

Has anyone seriously recovered from this like this person[![enter image description here]
is there any hope, can this person be caught? anything useful would be greatly appreciated. it is impossible to contact Trust wallet. i’m so overwhelmed and sad i don’t know how i’ll recover. Help please if you know 1]1

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