Creating a lightning invoice without running a full node


I’m trying to build a small website that takes payments using a lightning invoice. I want to do this without running a full node (or ideally a pruned node) on my server to keep costs down. I’d be happy with any of three types of solutions:

  1. Install a custodial lightning wallet on my server with a CLI or REST API to generate and check the status of a lightning invoice. Electrum could work, but I didn’t see invoice generation in the docs.
  2. I already run a full node on Umbrel, but I’m not sure how to securely expose lnd’s http api to the internet.
  3. Use someone else’s full bitcoin node to back lnd on my server, or use a custodial lightning wallet with an api.

I’m open to suggestions, I’m very new to the space and learning lots all the time.

Ongoing research:

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